The time I saw a Deputy Explode…

By James Heaton

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away I made a living as a private investigator. I spent eight years sitting in a car taking pictures of cheating spouses. There were other parts to it but in general I just sat and recorded peoples lives and wrote reports that would be used in court.

I made a name for myself by being the PI that would accept cases that involved police officers cheating on their spouses. To be clear this was considered taboo. PI’s liked to stay in the…

1974 James Heaton

Why Superheroes are Important

I had a rough childhood, but didn’t we all? Being sick more than I care to remember, I was frail and in this frailty I felt weaker than the other kids my age. I spent most of my childhood reading and living in a fantasy world. Years ago, I found a picture of myself at two years of age wearing a Batman costume. The picture was from Christmas in 1974, I was clinching an Evel Knievel action figure and smiling. I could see my mother and my grandmother in the picture, looking at me standing ever…

1984, The Story of the Pink Bicycle

James Heaton

It was an early morning in late August, the summer heat was still in the air. In a few days it would be September and before anyone knew it, Fall would be slipping in. Kids were already back in school, the quiet beach town had less and less visitors. The roads were empty, a peaceful time when the haze of early morning still lingered. An elderly man walked his dog down the sidewalk as Mike passed an old diner in his 1967 Cadillac Deville convertible. The blue car seemed to float…

by James Heaton 2021

Bipolar Disorder isn’t the type of disorder or condition that you deal with occasionally. It isn’t like having migraines that pop up unannounced every now and again. Not to diminish the severity of people suffering with migraines, or other disorders, because they are all incapacitating in their own respects. But bipolar disorder changes how your brain functions, how you process emotions and information. I have often felt that it alters a person so much that they are almost a sub species when compared to people who do not have the condition.

I can recall the emotions…

Top 10 List for Overcoming Your Depression

I have been battling Bipolar Disorder for as long as I can remember. I was originally diagnosed in 1996 with BPD and soon after started medication. Between 1996 and 2020, I have tried almost all the meds available for depression, Bipolar Disorder, and sleep disorders. I did Electroconvulsive Therapy aka ECT in 2018 for suicidal thoughts. After ECT I found myself without manic episodes, without passion in my life for things that had driven me for years before. My music (I am a semi professional musician) had left me, I could care less…

The ever-present Black Culture of Savannah Georgia is something that I cannot overlook as a writer. The city itself is versed in culture and offers examples of the finest architecture that many have ever seen. Beauty lies abundant in the timely city squares with their luscious foliage and thick dark trees that could tell stories from hundreds of years back. Quaint benches sit in the squares for the tourist to sit back and marvel at the squares that have been present since the 1700's.

Tourist come through the city in a flash and see the squares from the comforts of…


by James A. Heaton

I was only eleven when Billy Tyler died. It was during our summertime break from school and as much as I wonder what life would be without that instance, I try to see how it has changed my life. Out of all the events that were present in the lives of five boys that day I think we all took something different home with us. Our lives were never the same.

Billy Tyler was an only child; his parents were very young, and we all thought his mother was very good looking. His…

By James Heaton

Copyright 2019


The trusty bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum cost $7.85, and it was as good as I remembered it. From the first time I ever drank rum , twelve long years ago, until now I see it as a jovial drink, never a drink for the down and out. Rum brought to mind pirates and my love for Jimmy Buffett songs, I had heard how it was medicine to the pirates in days of old, curing scurvy and now it was going to be my medicine once again.

I made my way out of…

The Secret to Being Bipolar


James Heaton

I used to spend my days wanting to be normal, fantasizing about being like my friends who handled their moods like professionals. I used to think that I was so messed up, and that every reaction to my daily life was bizarre and inappropriate. I’ve concluded that I am who I am, and nothing could change that. It’s a moment of acceptance that I should be proud of, because the day you can accept who you are is quite the accomplishment.

I’ve been diagnosed Bipolar for twenty-four years. I know that I…

By James Heaton

Copyright 2020

This is the story of a man who faces life much like we all do. He has highs and lows and at times he thought he would never see tomorrow. His journey through life gives love and takes love. He learned that love was not something that you take lightly, it is to be treasured and respected.

Life, like the ocean is full of beauty and danger. But for everything the tides take away it always bring something else in. …

James Heaton

Published writer, author of Life with Bipolar Disorder, A Long Drive to the Coast and Elizabeth Jenkins. A musician, a father, a husband and artist.

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